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Designing this fun and cheerful restaurant in the heart of Madrid was a real treat for my team and me. Anana is a concept restaurant: poke bowls, healthy food, a Caribbean state of mind, and very Instagram friendly. 

Taking our inspiration from the colorful layers of food in each bowl, we designed a space of vibrant yellow, pink and turquoise colors, wood finishes, comfy seating, plush pillows, and strategic warm and cold lighting. 

When entering the place, you are welcomed by a swing hanging from the ceiling and a bright neon sign inviting the patrons to take amusing pictures to post in their social media profiles. To bring that tropical jungle feeling, we generously filled that space with plants and nature-inspired materials. 

The basement dining hall was presided by a wall-to-wall and ceiling, colorful, custom-designed tensioned-string structure.



Anana Restaurant


Madrid, Spain


150 sqm


Interior Design & Project Management & Construction