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Vacation Paradise

A vacation home is a place to evade oneself from reality and the fast-paced life that surround us. Thus, we wanted to create a space to indulge body, mind, and soul: relax, read, entertain, or just chill by the pool. 

The heart of this house is a generous living room, open to an incredible view to the pool and golf course, detailed with an oversized passage by Mario Benedetti, The People I Like, on the main wall. 

The house breathes fresh air, natural light, and tranquility through its picture windows, a vertical garden, and an indoor fountain. To reinforce this feeling of harmony, we chose colors that mimic the ocean and the rainforest. We also incorporated fresh elements of the local habitat such as Palm leaves to cover the outdoor walkways.





La Romana, República Dominicana


472 sqm


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