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We Scream for Ice Cream

Ice to Ice, a French ice-cream brand, arrived in Shanghai with a big splash. As a lead designer and project manager at Naço Shanghai, I worked on the adaptation of the design guidelines and visual identity -to better match the local market-, and supervised the construction works.

Ice to Ice sells authentic, artisanal Italian ice-cream in a modern, non-traditional shop. In fact, offering a great and pleasurable experience is as important to their value proposition as their high-quality ice-cream. Their store layout and design responded to their vision of “customer delight” through taste, flavors, and aesthetics. 

Since ice-cream is mostly an impulse purchase, we gave special relevance to its façade to make it as inviting and welcoming as possible. We opted for a glass entrance with touches of elegant food colors coffee (RAL 1011) and chocolate (RAL 8017). 

After project completion, the client also requested the design of two ice-cream street carts to be placed around the city.



ice to ice


Shanghai, China


107 sqm


Interior Design, Project Management & Construction