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From NY to Madrid, with love & design

5 weeks? No problemo!

That’s how long we had to get everything ready before the family moved in from New York to Madrid. We parked aside the traditional design process, taking a more flexible, intuitive approach. The main design and concept were born online and over the phone with the client.  Once approved, different teams worked side by side (electricians, painters, heat and cooling experts,…) or in their workshops (craftspeople).

All together, we created an elegant and fun home, reflecting the personality of its soon-to-be residents. 

The outdated three floors, surrounded by a landscaped garden, with private pool and BBQ area, arrived to the XXI century with gutsy choices. Dark gray microcement was applied to the hallway, guest bathroom, and formal dining room walls. Now, that’s a bold statement!

In the kitchen, for leisurely breakfast and family diners, we designed an L-shaped, custom-made storage bench. 

The oversized family room allowed us to create separate ambiances, taking advantage of its architectural distribution, and incorporating tailor-made furniture to separate them. We are specially proud of the suspended bookcase over the water vapor fireplace. We also opened it more to the pool area by tearing down big chunks of the wall, to intensify a relaxing indoor-outdoor feel. 

The final touches came from the colorful and high-end furniture.





Madrid, Spain


250 sqm (ground level)


Interior Design & Project Management