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The Next-Gen Gaming Club

e-Sports are here to stay and, with them, professional gamers and game lovers looking for training facilities, and gathering places where to share their passion. Prodigy Gaming Club was born to become such a place by creating a high-quality gaming experience for game enthusiasts at all levels. 

We designed the two-level venue bringing out some of the attributes e-Sports are known for boldness, dynamism, and competitiveness. 

After identifying the club’s main offerings, we designed different areas with specific purposes: PC & Consoles areas with comfortable seating, optimal lighting and the right mix of privacy and exposure; the Bootcamp facilitates teaching, learning and abilities sharing; the Events station emulating professional settings with Agora style seating; and finally, the Lounge to relax with friends and teammates while watching e-Sports streaming content on several screens. 



Prodigy e-sport


Madrid, Spain


1238 sqm


Interior Design & Project Management