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Creating Spaces, Building Meaningfully Through strong connections.

Think about your surroundings. More than just buildings, office spaces, homes, schools, grocery stores, museums, or city parks, they are physical expressions of human encounters and the interpersonal relationships that build communities and lifestyles.

I have been lucky enough to participate in all kinds of interesting projects around the world: from Latin America, Europe, Asia, the US. Every single one of those projects has inspired me to grow in many ways; focusing on how people are going to be living, working, and playing in the spaces we create for them; building from their insights; strengthening the emotional connection between people and places; becoming more agile and sustainable both in processes and materials to be used.

Since no (Wo)man is an island, I surround myself with great professionals and outstanding people from whom I learn every day.  We are a boutique-size studio working with a Project-Needs structure. We offer specialized full-service interior and construction services to bring your vision to life.

We know that any construction/renovation project entail a certain physical, emotional and economic apprehension. Therefore, we put our heart and soul to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you about kitchen distribution, bathroom finishes, circulation plans…


Network of high-quality professionals.

Dynamism to adapt to new situations.

International presence and experience.

Your needs at the center of our services.



Starting from the concept, my architect partners will help you create your dreamed space through careful planning and designing; always mindful of all the engineering, safety, function, climate and economy, space, and light requirements that the project dictates.

Interior Spaces Services:

My team will design your space in the most efficient way, creating a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment, making it as liveable or workable as possible: plan, research, develop initial concepts, design, and coordinate all stages of the project to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

FF&E Acquisition

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment… in other words, all removable or easily removed components within a space. We will not only guide you through the entire process of material selection, color schemes, finish textures, custom-made and/or commercial furniture purchase, but we will also visit showrooms with you and handle the procurement, delivery and installation.

Art Sourcing & Procurement

Artworks and decorative pieces say a lot about a place and the people that live/work/play there. We will help you create a unique visual experience, very much aligned with the storytelling of your project: playing with textures, materials, dimensions & proportions, type of medium, colors…

Construction & Project Management

the complete success of any renovation or development requires an experienced, hands-on project and construction management to supervise all aspects of the works. I personally will oversee and manage all aspects of your project until its completion.


There is no greater reward to a lifetime of hard work and a real devotion for interior design that being recognized by your peers, clients, and Design organizations.


There is no greater reward to a lifetime of hard work and a real devotion for interior design that being recognized by your peers, clients, and Design organizations.