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Award-Winning Design

When Novotel requested Naço Shanghai the redesign and renovation of their 4-star Nathan Road Kowloon hotel, I was one of the lead project managers in charge of the concept development, design, technical detailing (completed in 6 weeks), and construction (completed in 2 months). 

The design concept was specially conceived with the business traveler in mind, without leaving out other guests’ (families and couples) needs and wants for a hotel. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and modern. The public areas are visually pleasing, emanating calm, and serenity for a “charge your batteries” feeling. Areas such as reception desk, restaurant, lounge, and buffet were strategically placed to ease the flow of people without giving a deserted-place impression. 

We broke the hard horizontal lines of the reception desk, the wood-paneled ceiling, and floor with big circular ceiling lighting fixtures and elements that add a sense of flow. To welcome guests into the lobby through the mechanical escalator, we played with the walls by tastefully texturing them with geometric 3D objects that resemble an infinity mirror appearance. 

Our design was awarded the 2008, 100% Design – Best Public Interior Design.




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