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stanpa represents close to 400 manufacturing and distributing perfume and cosmetic companies in Spain, translating into the market’s 95% of the total economic activity. Their new HQ offices are located in a noble 1905 building in the Justicia neighborhood in Madrid. 

Our design pursues a balance by contrast: the building’s grandeur and the modern and dynamic personality of the brand. We incorporated geometric lines, materials and volumetric shapes to play with the “opposites attract” idea.

From the main building office to the open workspace in the back warehouse, one finds refuge from work and city life in the magnificent courtyard style garden. This garden is the real gem of the project.

Their core values and brand essence are ever-present both in the brand’s identity displayed as decorative elements, as with a design that seeks the well being and comfort of the people that work there. 

We used noble materials, such as wood, and custom-made furniture. To allow as much natural light as possible, we maximized the use of skylights. 

The result is an elegant office space that balances the building’s historical elements with a bright and modern design.



550 sqm


stanpa - Asociación Nacional de Perfumería y Cosmética


Madrid, Spain


Interior Design & Project Management