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Corporate Elegance

During my time with Kokaistudios in Shanghai, I had the opportunity of working in the re-design of the Richemont Asia-Pacific HQ office in Hong Kong in the, widely-known by its round-windowed curtain wall, Jardine House building. The offices occupy the entire 6th floor. 

Our proposed design moved away from the original Hong Kong office space style of labyrinthic layouts of numerous and small, low-ceiling offices to accomplish a modern, pristine open space work area. 

The iconic building’s round windows offered both a challenge and a great chance to shine: we integrated them into a functional, wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor, custom-made storage unit. Going a step further, we hid the roller blinds structure into the ceiling for a tidier look. 

The overall design brought in light, openness, and warmth that invites multi-team collaboration without losing privacy and peacefulness.





Hong Kong


1.365 sqm


Interior Design & Project Management