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Flexible & Fun Workspace

We designed this coworking-style office for the Spanish cleanrooms design and construction company Montajes Delsaz. Our design responds to the needs of the soon to become occupants while meeting the expectations of the project’s founder: fostering collaboration and alliances among people within the company.

Inspiration for the design came directly from Nature itself: a biophilic design fostering connectivity to the natural environment and as a representation of organic and flexible growth. Just as tree branches grow in many directions, we designed multiple horizontal, vertical, and crosswise elements that connect to each other, cross every so often, or superpose at certain points.

From the playroom to the cafeteria through the meeting and work areas, each area has a unique personality and purpose. The common threads of the project are spacious, bright, and welcoming spaces; natural light and green gardens and green-houses; high-quality finishes, noble materials, and the presence of magnificent art pieces deliberately scattered throughout the space.

The project has been awarded a v4 Silver LEED Interior Design & Construction certification. 



Montajes Delsaz


Madrid, Spain


1.898 sqm


Interior Design & Project Management