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The Luxury of Collaboration

As part of the Kokaistudios team, I designed Richemont Group’s Shanghai Office in Jing An Kerry Center. The new space houses Richemont and ten of its retail brands.

The interior design in this project fulfills the client’s desire to both display its corporate identity and to highlight each of the retail brands present in the office.  As a designer, I strived to conceive a comfortable environment to work and to enhance collaboration among the group’s strong individual brands, as well as flexibility and adaptability of the space.

The design incorporated Feng Shui principles, finding balance and harmony through the use of materials and their position in the space. Since wood symbolizes growth and creativity, we used it to delineate the different brands’ workspaces and as the unifying component throughout the office.

Also, to make the most of the natural light all common areas, such as meeting rooms, were placed in the center, surrounded by the working areas allowing people to work in natural sunlight and have views of the outdoors.

As a result, the final workspace is an ode to the client’s sovereign corporate brand value: Group culture and seamless collaboration among its brands.





Shanghai, China




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